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folding table


Six table stitching

One, long * wide * high: 693 * 788 * 760, perimeter: 1640cm (height can be customized).

Two, the table can be equipped with: compact & melamine.

(1) Laminate panel: It is a high-strength plate made of high-pressure polymerization of wood fiber and thermosetting resin. It is made of special technology to form an integrated colored colored decorative surface layer with high elastic modulus and tensile strength. And bending strength, it has a high impact resistance, with excellent stability, long-lasting, water, moisture, heat, weather, resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance characteristics, and therefore resistant to times The board is extremely versatile.

(2) Melamine panel: 1. It has the advantages of injection molding and bright color. It is used as a veneer for all kinds of wood-based panels and wood. It has high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance. 2, General chemical resistance, can resist the general acid, alkali, grease and alcohol and other solvent erosion. 3, the surface is smooth and clean, easy to maintain and clean.

Third, the bottom optional foot pad or caster.

Fourth, the cylinder is a round tube, according to preference, you can freely choose the mat as a square pad or round pad. 

This table is Laminate Panel.