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The folding and lifting table


Folding Tabke Parameters

  1. Over Size (8 groups): 1000mm*715(315)mm; diameter*high(lifting stroke);

  2. Unit Size: 706*347*424mm; long side*short side*high;

  3. Material: Laminat, aluminum profile, stainless steel, ABS;

  4. Desktop Material: Adopt new laminate board, fireproof and heat resistant to smoke; waterproof, moisture proof, mildewproof, antibacterial and easy to clean; wear and scratch resistant, anti-collision; enxironmentally friendlu, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic; strong stability, not easy to deform; rich in color;

  5. Bracket: The new aviation aluminum profile bracket is excellent in strength, plasticity, impact toughness, fatigue performance and weldability, and more importantly, it has corrosion resistance;

  6. Flipper: Stainless steel, flexible to use, easy to flip, good stability;

  7. ABS connector: ABS connector, stable, durable and easy to install;

  8. Wheels: Blacke universal nylon wheels;

  9. Product Advantages: Product advantages: Folding table can be spliced into a circle or form a discussion group shape; Easy to adjust the height;Desktop can placed the computer, books and other office supplies; Front two medical grade universal wheel, easy to move; Desktop 5 angles adjustment, independent unit can also be used as a simple desk.