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Intelligent Meeting Table YTZ-02





The Intelligent Meeting Table can be widely used as an effective teaching aid in educational systems. Modern teaching focuses on practice, sharing, interaction, and stimulating. Teachers can use the tablet, laptop, etc. to deliver teaching PPT, pictures, and small videos to the big screen, and promote active and intuitive learning of participants; for micro-classroom teaching, Many people can share the micro-course videos synchronously in the same space. After the end, they can interact with the classmates and teachers in time, and the teaching effect is greatly improved. Students can also display their own practical results through the big screen, and feedback on the knowledge they have learned. To the teaching content, each group of students can be presented separately during group discussion.

The Meeting Table can accommodate up to 6-7 people for discussion and learning, effective communication and knowledge sharing. Products can be customized with elements, colors and materials.



1. Standard dimensions: 2400mm (front and rear), 1200mm (left and right), 760mm (upper and lower without bracket )

2.Interface box size: 266*130*135mm

3.6 - 7 people, can be customized according to demand; table board length recommended size: 2400mm
(This size is for reference only, based on actual production size)



Plate material (two options): 18mm laminate board; 25mm high density board
Body: high quality cold rolled steel plate 
Interface box material: high quality brushed aluminum



The touch all-in-one PC can be placed on the side of the fuselage and the maximum support is 60 inches (no more than 30kg). 55 inches is the best recommendation.

Interactive mode (optional):

1. Interactive Software
2. Matrix