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The ergonomic design of the smart table and chair meets the three modes of teacher teaching, group activities and personal learning. It can quickly and easily convert the classroom layout, enhance students' comfort, deepen their connection and enhance their participation in the classroom. 

1.The intelligent table and chair material is injection-molded with ABS engineering plastic and nylon material. It is CE and RoHS certified and can be used with confidence.

2. Rotatable table---tabletable table can be rotated, rotation angle ≥60°, table size: ≥560mm*310mm, bearing weight 30kg±2kg, can write, place tablet, book, etc., strong applicability.

3. Table support bar---Table support rod can be rotated ≥90°, suitable for all kinds of students.

4. The arc design of the chair body----The arc design of the back of the chair is perfectly matched with the back. The cushion supports the buttocks and thighs in an all-round way, effectively relieving the nerve pressure of the thigh and achieving the most comfortable effect.

5. Under the seat storage design --- storage space under the seat ≥ 515mm, can store schoolbags and other items.

6. Rotatable moving pulley----With 6 (square bottom or round bottom) silent anti-skid casters, it is safe and stable, and can be grouped at will.

7. There are 8 combinations mode, four color options: blue, green, orange, red.Bearing capacity: overall 110KG, table 25KG


There are also five-wheeled mobile chairs to choose from, paired with a splicing table.