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The ergonomic design of Jie Chuang smart table and chair is designed to meet the teacher's teaching, group activities and personal learning modes. It can quickly and easily convert the classroom layout, and enhance students' comfort, deepen their connection and improve the classroom participation.

1、The material of the smart table and chair is made of ABS engineering plastic, nylon and other materials. It has passed CE and RoHS certification and can be used safely.

2、Rotatable table - table can be rotated, rotation angle ≥ 60 °, table size: ≥ 560mm * 310mm, bearing weight 30kg ± 2kg, can write, place tablets, books, etc., strong applicability.

3、Table support rod --- table support rod can be rotated ≥ 90 °, suitable for all types of students.

4、Backrest: S-type oversized backrest, curved design 110 ° ~ 120 ° can fit the spine; back curve length of 45CM or more, width 40CM or more, in line with the physical requirements of the back pressure point, invisible to relieve fatigue.

5、Handrail: It is ergonomic. The streamlined handrail can perfectly fit the arm, promote the blood circulation of the arm, help the fatigue of the arm, maximize the relaxation effect of the arm and relieve the pressure on the hand.

6、Seat surface: The seat surface of the chair adopts a concave design, and the seat cushion is full, so that the user can not wear for a long time and shape the perfect buttocks.

7、 Mesh: It adopts Taiwan Tatsu mesh fabric, which has the advantages of no fading, firm tear resistance and good texture, so that users can sit healthier.

8、Sponge: High-density rebound sponge, depth of 40cm or more, sedentary is not tired, can be used for a long time, no deformation.

9、Under the seat storage design --- storage space under the seat ≥ 545mm, can store schoolbags and other items.?

10、Rotatable moving pulley----With 5 (round bottom) or 6 (square bottom) silent anti-skid casters, it is safe and stable, and can be grouped at will.