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2、Interactive teaching chair material using ABS engineering plastics, pa66 injection molding and other materials, through CE, RoHS certification, can be used with confidence

3、Rotatable table---The laminate board can be rotated, the rotation angle is ≥60°, the table size is: ≥560mm*310mm, the bearing weight is 30kg±2kg, it can be written, placed on the tablet, books, etc., and the applicability is strong.

4、 Table support rod --- table support rod can be rotated ≥ 90 °, suitable for all types of students.

5、The arc design of the chair body----The arc design of the back of the chair is perfectly fit with the back. The cushion supports the buttocks and thighs in an all-round way, effectively relieving the nerve pressure of the thigh and achieving the most comfortable effect.

6、Storage design under the seat --- diameter of storage space under the seat ≥ 655mm, can store books and other items.

7、Rotatable moving wheels ---- With 4 silent anti-skid wheels, it is safe and stable, and can be grouped at will.

8、Material advantage (laminate material): 1. Fireproof and heat resistant to smoke; 2. Waterproof, moisture proof, mildewproof, antibacterial and easy to clean; 3. Wear and scratch resistant, anti-collision; 4. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic Odorless, safe and hygienic; 5. Strong stability, not easy to deform; 6. Colorful and so on.